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Plymouth Harbor Beauty Shot

TV Schedules

PACTV's Channels

PACTV manages seven cable television channels and provides Public Access and Government Access to Duxbury, Kingston, Pembroke, and Plymouth. We also provide Educational Services in Kingston and Pembroke. PACTV is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization supported by cable subscribers through contracts with our towns. 

TV Schedules:

Bug Community Channel    Bug Duxbury Government Channel     Bug Kingston Education Channel     Bug Kingston Government Channel     Bug Pembroke Education Channel     Bug Pembroke Government Channel     Bug Plymouth Government Channel 


Copy of kingston government schedule generic remote (1)    the Local Seen youtube channel (1)    the Local Seen youtube channel    the Local Seen youtube channel (2) 


Contact Us

For More Information at PACTV or programming on the channels, contact us at 508-830-6999 or email info@pactv.org