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Elizabeth Shanahan-Jewett

Executive and Creative Director /Head of Production 


Tiff Phillips

Production Manager, The Local Seen This Week /Creative Producer 


Erika Christensen

Production Manager, Community Member Services and Social Media 


Melissa Matinzi 

Manager of Community Member Services 


David Antoine 

Manager of Government Services 


Dustin Fleming 

Video Production Specialist

Ben Alexander

The Local Seen This Week

Technical Director and Editor/Digital Media Creative 

Max Berger 

Digital Media Creative/Producer 

Aaron Matinzi 

IT Specialist 

Chris Quinn

Digital Media Creative 

Matt Umbrianna

Digital Media Creative 

David Maybruck 

Government Services Manager Asst.

Production Coordinator

Dan Snyder 

Video Production Technician

Micaela Clarke 

Outreach and Admin Coordinator 

Keith Hughes 

Digital Media Specialist 

Tom Bolus 


Julie Thompson

Interview Host 


Contact us! 508-830-6999 






TV Schedules:

Bug Community Channel    Bug Duxbury Government Channel     Bug Kingston Education Channel     Bug Kingston Government Channel     Bug Pembroke Education Channel     Bug Pembroke Government Channel     Bug Plymouth Government Channel