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PACTV Prime is PACTV's Streaming Channel. Prime has content you may not see on our channels and it is a way for people outside of our viewing area to see PACTV produced shows or events. If you have any questions about PACTV Prime, call 508-830-6999 or email Thanks for watching!

If you don't see the meeting you were looking for Click HERE for our YouTube Streaming Channel

Click HERE to watch on your cell phone.  If you are not having luck with the streaming channel below, please click on this LINK

Watch on your PC or Laptop:

Please note: To watch the streaming channel you may need Adobe Flash Player. You can make the Prime channel larger by clicking on the arrows to make it full screen. To remove the full screen option, click "Escape." 

If you don't see the meeting you were looking for Click HERE for our YouTube Streaming Channel