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2366F02A-0797-4344-8657-4BA84883505C_1_201_a Our staff bring a variety of experiences to their roles and serve the community in a variety of ways. From Engineering and Technical Experts to Producers and Editors, from staff covering events or meetings to staff promoting our services on social media, PACTV's team works tirelessly to serve the community.

I am proud of all that we have been able to accomplish, especially during a pandemic. Providing meeting coverage in-person,   remotely   and sometimes a combination of the two is something that we've become experts on. And, conducting three virtual town meetings with 150+ town meeting members, ensures that our towns can still conduct the business of the town,   preserving democracy. We also provide information, resources, and stories from and about our community. Our staff lives our mission every day: We connect community through local and unbiased media that informs, empowers, and entertains. 

Julie Thompson

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director 

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Community Media has changed.

Long gone are the days when public access television stations provided unique access and information to the public; now, the phone most of us carry is our office, our  mouthpiece, and our production equipment. What we think of as “community” has extended to online groups with like interests, which is a great benefit of the internet. No one has to feel alone in who they are, or how they are.

Why is local community media still important?

Because knowing what is happening in your town keeps you plugged in to the local events, issues, and news that may affect you, community media matters. By staying informed about local events and issues, you can get involved and make a positive difference in your town – or just take advantage of all it has to offer. This may include volunteering, attending town meetings, or supporting local businesses.

Community, though, is ultimately about people, and not just information. the Local Seen is our community news division, and we love producing stories about neighborhoods, events, places and people that show the South Shore as the culturally dynamic, historically relevant and economically vibrant area it is. There is so much to see and do here – and so many stories to tell.

Everyone has a story – and every story matters.

Elizabeth Shanahan-Jewett

Chief Creative Officer/Head of Production 

508-830-6999 X 147


Meet Our Team

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Mark McKinley

Director of Technology

Melissa Matinzi

Outreach and Programming Manager

Tiff Phillips

Creative Producer/Operations Manager

Max Berger

Graphics Specialist/Digital Media Creative

Tom Bolus

Videographer / Editor

Dave Antoine

Government Services Manager

Julie Thompson

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director

Elizabeth Shanahan-Jewett

Chief Creative Officer / Head of Production

Brook Hoffman

Chief Engineer

Dustin Fleming

Video Production Specialist

Dave Maybruck

Production Assistant/Videographer

Keith Hughes

Government Services Specialist/Content Creator

Erika Christensen

Production Manager/Digital Media Creative

Ben Alexander

Community News Technical Director and Editor/Digital Media Creative

Chris Quinn

Production and Operations Assistant