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Audio Board Studio BTS

Public Access and Community Programming

Public Access Television

Your place for hyper-local content and shows produced by locals

Part of our mission is to create hyper-local content to inform, empower and entertain. We also want to help residents create content to help them exercise their First Amendment Right to Free Speech.  Find out more about what we offer! 

Members Equipment BTS

Community Producers

Share Your Content on PACTV

 Our staff will be happy to help you get your show on the Community Channel. If you need training, equipment or facilities our staff can help you so you can exercise their First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

One-on-one classes and group classes subject to COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Current members may reserve Field Equipment to create their video for the Community Channel. 

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Connect locally with programs on PACTV

Hyper-local Programs for you

the Local Seen of PACTV produces human-centric stories about arts, culture, social issues, and local information by capturing the faces, events, voices, and spaces that make our community special.   

Watch Local Matters every Friday at 8:00 pm here on the Community Channel, featuring the resources, people, and events in Duxbury, Kingston, Pembroke, Plymouth and the South Shore.

Bug Community Channel

TV Schedule - Community Channel

Looking for hyper-local programs about the community or created by the community? Watch on television on Comcast 13 and Verizon 43. 

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On Our Cable Television Channels

Community Notices

We create notices that run in between programming on our seven cable television channels. This information keeps residents informed about government, school, and community events. 

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Melissa Matinzi 


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