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Plymouth Beauty shot 2


Serving Plymouth since 1996

Services for the town of Plymouth

Watch meeting coverage,  local stories, and news, local shows with government officials, and more. Make PACTV your "go to" place for all things Plymouth.

Watch Plymouth content on Television on Comcast Channel 13 and Verizon Channel 43 (Community) & Comcast Channel 15 and Verizon Channel 47 (Government). 

Plymouth Veterans Day Celebration

Members Equipment BTS

Community Producers

Share Your Content on PACTV

Part of our mission is to provide free channel time so that residents can exercise their First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Our staff will be happy to help you and get your show on the Community Channel (see on Comcast Channel 13 and Verizon 43 in Plymouth). We also provide training, equipment, and facilities so you can create your own content for the Community Channel. 

Mask PSA

Helping Community

Nonprofit Services

We believe in helping nonprofits that serve our residents so more people can be helped. Find out about our public service announcements and other free and low-cost services.

TV Schedules:

Bug Community Channel    Bug Duxbury Government Channel     Bug Kingston Education Channel     Bug Kingston Government Channel     Bug Pembroke Education Channel     Bug Pembroke Government Channel     Bug Plymouth Government Channel