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InFocus is a production of PACTV that focuses on the people, projects and developments that impact your town. 

InFocus includes InFocus Snapshot, InFocus Town Talk and InFocus Viewpoint. For more information contact 

SNAPSHOT: Watch Snapshot on our Community Channel (Comcast 13 and Verizon 43) on Friday nights at 8:30 p.m. and weekday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

TOWN TALK: Watch Town Talk on our Government channels or on YouTube. Click on your town's government channel for days and times:  Duxbury   Kingston   Pembroke   Plymouth

VIEWPOINT: Two episodes of Viewpoint were recorded about Plymouth's form of government (scroll down to watch).

Snapshot - September 10 2021

InFocus Snapshot - week of September 10th, 2021

InFocus Town Talk - New Episodes

InFocus Town Talk September 2021 with Lynne Barrett Plymouth's Finance Director

Town of Duxbury's Nancy O'Connor & Michelle Seda-Stotts on InFocus' Town Talk: August 2021

Kingston Town Administrator Keith Hickey on InFocus' Town Talk: August 2021

Plymouth Town Manager Melissa Arrighi on InFocus' Town Talk: August 2021

To watch previous episodes of Town Talk, click here

InFocus Viewpoint

InFocus Viewpoint is a new show produced at PACTV that examines important community issues by bringing together people with different viewpoints.  

InFocus Viewpoint Plymouth Form of Government Part II

InFocus Viewpoint: Plymouth Form of Government Discussion

InFocus Features

InFocus Feature: Past, Present and Future of Economic Development in Plymouth MA

InFocus Feature: Restaurants Work To Get To New Normal.