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Together, we can do so much

Plymouth Area Community Television


Our Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission

Connecting community through local and unbiased media that informs, empowers, and entertains. 

Our Vision 

Our vision is to become the essential and trusted resource for local stories, news, and information for the communities we serve. 


How We're Funded

All that we do is primarily funded through franchise agreements between the current cable providers, Comcast and Verizon, and our four towns of Duxbury, Kingston, Pembroke, and Plymouth. These funds go directly into our operating expenses and serving our community.

As technology changes, and people choose to "cut the cord", our funding goes down - yet our not-for-profit mission remains the same. Connecting community through unbiased media is more important than ever.

If you can, and believe in the importance of local and unbiased news and community resources, we hope you will consider supporting PACTV.  Click the link below, or contact our Chief Communications Officer at Julie@pactv.org. Thank you! 


Community News and Stories

Is there a story or event that people should know about? Let our community news division know at story@pactv.org!


Free PSAs for Nonprofit Organizations

Our local nonprofit organizations improve the lives of people in our communities in so many ways we are grateful for, and we are committed to supporting their missions and messaging with free public service announcements. If you represent a nonprofit and would like to be part of our next PSA Day, message our Outreach Manager at Melissa@pactv.org to book your slot! 

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Connecting Community

Plymouth Area Community Access Television is proud to reflect our community through our local and unbiased coverage of what's happening in our South Shore towns. 

We are a nonprofit 501 (c ) 3 organization, managing seven non-commercial cable television stations, and contribute many free media services to residents, nonprofit organizations, schools, and local town government. 

We welcome your questions and ideas! For questions, email us at info@pactv.org. Do you have a story or event idea? Email story@pactv.org. We will get back to you within 48 hours! 


Areas of Focus


Local Government

We provide live coverage of local meetings and annual town meetings to ensure government transparency. We also feature programs with town, county, and state officials to keep our residents informed. 



We provide media training to students and educators and augment our student's learning experience. We showcase school events like concerts, sporting events, and feature special school programs.



We provide media literacy and access to training and equipment for residents. We also create hyper-local programming for the residents of Duxbury, Kingston, Pembroke, and Plymouth.