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Kingston Candidate Services | Elections

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Kingston Candidate Services

We bring information to Kingston voters so they can make informed decisions about candidates running for local elections (boards and committees). 

Spring Town Elections - April 23, 2022

Town elections took place in Kingston on April 23, 2022. Election results are available on the town's website. As a community services, PACTV held interviews with candidates and recorded candidate statements so that voters could learn more about the candidates. 

Kingston School Committee Candidate Interviews


Silver Lake Regional School Committee Candidate Interviews


Candidate Spotlight

Candidate Spotlight was offered to all candidates. Those candidates who participated are part of Candidate Spotlight.


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Previous Candidate Videos

Watch videos from 2021 and earlier on our PACTV Video Share YouTube Channel. These include interviews and candidate statements. 

state rep candidate forum

Fall Candidate Services

County and State Elections

Coming Soon! Check back here for services we will offer to candidates running for Plymouth County Commissioner, State Representative and State Senate. 

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