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Social Media Content Ideas During the Pandemic 

This is a tough time for everyone – seniors, students, first responders, medical workers AND it is tough on nonprofits and businesses. Marketing “experts” are saying that it is a great time to promote your business online because now more than ever, people are on their phones trying to stay connected to friends and family. But you may feel that right now, when people are sick or struggling financially, that it is not the right time to overtly sell your products and services. Here are some ideas for your social media pages that may strike the right balance.

  1. Say thank you. Now is the perfect time to thank people in your community whether it be first responders, grocery store workers, town workers or teachers. You can also take the time to thank your customers who have supported you over the years. Thank your staff. Whether they are working from home or coming to the office, they are the ones that will be there to put in the hours when things go back to normal.
  2. Tell your customers what you are doing. If you are still operating, tell people how you are handling this new normal. Are you a restaurant that is providing curb-side pickup? Consider posting a menu of the day or create video with the owner. Are you offering new ways to do business? Let people know how they can buy from you and how you are keeping your staff and customers safe. Share your stories even if you need to tell your customers that you need to close. Let them know how they can support you online by buying a gift certificate or pre-paying for your services. Your customers will appreciate it and really want to know the people behind the brand.  
  3. Show how you care about your community.  If you ordered take out from your local restaurant, show how you are supporting a local business by sharing it on your Instagram account. If you made masks for the local hospital, let people know. You can also share good news that others have been doing in your community. If a local business is donating to the food pantry and you saw it on social media, re-tweet it or share it from your business’ social media account. Help your customers see you as someone who cares about the community. They may remember your generosity when things return to normal again and they can venture out to your business or purchase your product when they need it.
  4. Consider offering a free virtual class or make your own video tutorial. People are not expecting high production quality right now. But, with the right tools and some tips from the experts, you can create a video for your customers. Consider recording a Frequently Asked Question video that you put on your social media platforms and your website. Or if you have a hobby or are an expert in the kitchen, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with your business, share your recipes and make a human-to-human connection in this age of social distancing.
  5. If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own video, contact your video production company. They might still be working from home and may be able to help you. Consider re-purposing video you have shot in the past for a short social media post or ask them to help you use your phone to create video. They can edit it together for you. Let experts figure out how to be creative, so you can concentrate on your business, staff and your family.

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