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Bringing people together

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Connecting Community

PACTV is Plymouth Area Community Access Television and we cover hyper-local community stories, happenings, and meetings for four South Shore towns.

We are a nonprofit 501 (c ) 3 organization, managing seven non-commercial cable television stations, and proudly provide many free services to residents, schools, and local town government. 

Find out more about PACTV here on our website and feel free to reach out to us via phone at 508-830-6999 or email at info@pactv.org


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PACTV Staff                                                               

Our staff bring a variety of experiences to their roles and serve the community in a variety of ways. From Engineering and Technical Experts to Producers and Editors, from staff covering events or meetings to staff promoting our services on social media, PACTV's staff work tirelessly to serve the community.

I am proud of all that we have been able to accomplish, especially during a pandemic. Providing meeting coverage in-person, remotely and sometimes a combination of the two is something that we've become experts on. And, conducting three virtual town meetings with 150+ town meeting members, ensures that our towns can still conduct the business of the town, preserving democracy. We also provide information, resources, and stories from and about our community. Our staff lives our mission every day: We connect community through local and unbiased media that informs, empowers, and entertains. 

Julie Thompson

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director 

508-830-6999 x 125


Meet the team

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Mark McKinley

Director of Operations

Melissa Matinzi

Outreach Administrator

Tiffany Phillips

tLS Production Coordinator

Max Berger

Graphics Specialist

Tom Bolus

Videographer / Editor

Dave Antoine

Government Services Manager

Julie Thompson

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director

Elizabeth Shanahan-Jewett

Chief Creative Officer / Creative Director

Carol McGilvray

Director of Community Services and Research

Brook Hoffman

Chief Engineer

Nate Greenstine

Production Assistant

Dustin Fleming

Video Production Specialist

Donna Rodriguez

Director of Government Affairs and Producer

Dave Maybruck

Production Assistant and Videographer

Keith Hughes

Government Services Supervisor

Erika Christensen

the Local Seen Production Manager

Ben Alexander

Local Matters Director / Editor

Debbie Wall

Social Media Specialist

Chris Quinn

Operations and Government Assistant

Board of Directors


About the Board

To meet state requirements of a non-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, PACTV is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who meet throughout the year to oversee the management of the organization. This diverse group of volunteers has fiduciary responsibility for the business and the director supervision and evaluation of  the full-time Executive Director.


Areas of focus


Local Government

We provide live coverage of local meetings and annual town meetings to ensure government transparency. We also feature programs with town, county, and state officials to keep our residents informed. 



We provide media training to students and educators and augment our student's learning experience. We showcase school events like concerts, sporting events, and feature special school programs.



We provide media literacy and access to training and equipment for residents. We also create hyper-local programming for the residents of Duxbury, Kingston, Pembroke, and Plymouth.

Get involved

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Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement:

Connecting community through local and unbiased media that informs, empowers, and entertains. 

Our Vision Statement:

Our vision is to become the essential and trusted resource for local stories, news, and information for the communities we serve. 

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Our Funding

PACTV is funded through franchise agreements between the cable companies and our towns.  Up to 5% of the cable companies' gross annual revenue is passed down to cable subscribers and in turn, some is given to us and some is given to the School Departments in Duxbury and Plymouth. This money goes directly into serving our community and pays for  our expenses (salaries, utilities,  supplies, etc.) and for capital needs (purchase of equipment).

As people choose to cut the cord, our funding goes down. Even though we are a not-for-profit organization, we have never actively fundraised before because our revenue was secure and we didn't want to take away from other nonprofits. Now, we must fundraise so that we can continue to provide the many services our towns rely upon from us. We hope you will consider supporting us with a donation today.  

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Arts and Culture

Do you have a good story to tell?  Let’s chat about arts, culture, music, and what’s good and good to know! 

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Helping Non-profits

Looking to promote or grow the reach of your organization? Let’s talk about how our free and paid services can help you with virtual and in-person fundraising events, Public Service Announcements, and creative video options. 


Services to Businesses

Want to utilize our team for your business or organization’s marketing, event coverage, or video projects? We are more than just video storytellers, we help companies and nonprofits share their messages. Let’s see how our Creative Media Services team can find unique solutions to help.