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History of PACTV

PACTV celebrated 20 years on cable television in December of 2017. While we have grown from two channels to six channels and now serve four towns, we are still and always will be committed to serving the community.

We provide our communities with

  • a state-of-the-art community multi-media facility
  • a dedicated first amendment forum for our citizens
  • ultra-local government access coverage and programming that is second to none, allowing our citizens to participate fully in their local governments, as well as getting vital information about county, state, and National issues and services.
  • highly qualified training and engineering staff, an administrative staff that truly understands access television and the needs of the communities we serve from organizations, schools, governments to individuals and businesses, and localized, personalized service to each town under our umbrella.
  • An award-winning news program featuring local stories from our community
  • help to non-profits and community service providers so that they can promote their organizations and events
  • an award-winning summer documentary workshop for teens
  • video production classes so that citizens can create their own television shows

Over the years, PACTV and its staff has never stopped growing and learning. We listen to the people and the communities we serve, and constantly upgrade our services to match their needs. PACTV has become more than just a community television station. It's become a vital part of the fabric of of our communities, and we look forward to continuing this service in the decades to come.

We invite you to stop by PACTV and take a tour!