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Kingston's Channel lineup will change in early 2019 and feature a NEW Kingston Education Channel. The new channel lineup will be:

  Comcast Verizon
Community Channel 13 43
Education Channel 14 41
Government Channel 15 42

Miss a Meeting?: Watch Kingston meetings on Comcast 14 and Verizon 41 on TV or on PACTV's Video on Demand

Laker TV

Good Day Kingston

Good Day, #Kingston: Episode 6

Good Day, #Kingston: Episode 5

Good Day, #Kingston: Episode 4

Good Day, #Kingston: Episode 3

Good Day, #Kingston: Episode 2

Good Day, #Kingston: Episode 1

Healthy Kingston

Healthy #Kingston: Episode 4

Healthy #Kingston: Episode 3

Healthy #Kingston: Episode 2

Healthy #Kingston: Episode 1

Regional Shows

Special Programming

Town Administrator Tom Calter on PACTV Community News

Town Talk with Kingston Town Administrator Tom Calter