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Event Coverage

PACTV is committed to sharing the beauty, the stories and the events of our communities with all of our residents.  We do that in a number of ways; by covering a select number of community events in their entirety, utilizing our news program (PCN) and the Local Seen to produce segments telling the stories of our communities and empowering residents to create their own videos to share on our channel.  

Learn How to Cover Your Own Events

Find out about PACTV's Video Production Classes or contact Tiffany Phillips about Membership at PACTV.

Find Crew for your Show/Event

PACTV volunteers may be contacted to see if they are interested in helping out! 

Find Crew or contact Tiffany Phillips, Membership

Promote Your Events

PACTV's Community Bulletin Board is a great way to inform people about events in the community. Find out More Here

Put your show on PACTV

Submit your show (mpeg2, DVD and other formats accepted)
and fill out a Channel Time Request Form

Submit a Show or contact Melissa Matinzi Programming

PACTV Community News

Weekly news show with local stories from Duxbury, Kingston, Pembroke and Plymouth

Submit your story idea!

Contact Kim Miot at or call 508-830-6999