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Pembroke Candidate Services

PACTV brings information to voters so that they can make informed decisions about candidates running for local, county and state offices.  Pembroke's town election was held on May 12, 2018.

Candidate Spotlight

Candidates running for town offices are invited to the PACTV studios each year to record their own three-minute presentation promoting their candidacy. The result is "Candidate Spotlight. " In 2018 candidates running for Library Board of Trustees, School Committee, Board of Selectmen and Town Clerk participated.

Candidate Forum - Board of Selectmen and Town Clerk

PACTV held a Candidate Forum on Thursday, April 19th moderated by PACTV's Donna Rodriguez and Brian Sullivan. Candidates that ran for Town Clerk and Board of Selectmen attended. The forum replayed on Comcast 15 and was available on video on demand. Watch both forums below on YouTube. 


Pembroke Candidates Spotlight 2018: Board of Selectmen

Pembroke Candidates Forum-Board of Selectmen-April 19, 2018-PACTV #PembrokeMA

Pembroke Library Board of Trustees- Candidate Spotlight 2018

2018 Pembroke Candidates Spotlight: Town Clerk in #PembrokeMA

Pembroke Candidates Forum-Town Clerk-April 19, 2018-PACTV #PembrokeMA

2018 Pembroke Candidates Spotlight: School Committee in #PembrokeMA