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Video Challenge

PACTV is holding a monthly Video Challenge in 2017.  The Challenge is open to anyone, however if you want to use PACTV's equipment and facilities (and why wouldn't you?) you need to be a member. 

Video Challenge Promo

Creative Video Challenge at PACTV

February's Challenge

"Can You Hear Me Now?" - The Sound Challenge

When we watch a movie, we have a certain expectation of what we’ll hear in a scene: conversations in a busy restaurant, a boiling tea kettle, the drip of a leaky faucet, or maybe the “PEW” sound of a freshly shot blaster pistol. This month’s challenge is to create a video that uses one main thematic sound effect. This can be something that exists naturally in the space you are filming, like a dog barking. The sound could also be something outside the "story" like the violin screech in the movie Psycho. Pick a sound to focus on.  

If you are a PACTV member and want to use the Omni Music Library, give us a call for more information.

Length 1 - 2/12 minutes
Cost Free
Submit your Video Please upload your video to the PACTV Member Facebook Group (Click here to join if you haven't already) by February 27th at 6pm
Uploading Permissions By Uploading your video to the PACTV Facebook group you grant PACTV permission to use your video in a compilation to be played on the Public Access channel, and PACTV’s social media outlets. Late submissions will not be included in the final compilation. Unauthorized use of copywritten material will disqualify your video for consideration.
Equipment Usage To use PACTV's equipment (cameras, mics, light kits, etc.) and editing facilities you must be a PACTV member in good standing and received certification on the equipment or editing software you wish to use.  You may also use your own equipment and editing software
Have Questions?

Contact Dustin Fleming at 508-830-6999 or email

Screening To be held at PACTV on February 27th at 7:00pm
Editing Assistance February 27th at 6:00pm for PACTV members

An Example for February's Challenge:

Video Challenge - February "Can you hear me now" - The Sound Challenge

To Participate in the Video Challenge:

Join our Facebook Group - PACTV Members