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Free Speech Week

Celebrate Free Speech Week with PACTV from October 22 - October 28, 2018. 

Free Speech Week is a yearly event to raise public awareness of the importance of free speech in our democracy- and to celebrate that freedom. As freedom of speech is a right all Americans share, this non-partisan, non-ideological event is intended to be a unifying celebration. 

Fortunately the Red Sox are in the World Series. 

Unfortunately that means some storytellers had to cancel so we are postponing our Open Mic and Storytelling Workshop events until 2019. We are hoping to announce the new date and new location soon. 

Thank you for understanding. We can't wait to hear your stories and in the meantime - go Sox! 

What Does Free Speech Mean to You?

Free Speech Week PSA | Laker TV

Watch this Free Speech Week video created by students and PACTV'[s Erika Christensen at Silver Lake Regional High School in Kingston

free speech week 2016 PACTV

In 2016, our four towns celebrated Free Speech Week with us. 


free speech week 2015

Students at Pembroke High School celebrated Free Speech Week. Students tweeted about the importance of the 1st Amendement and PACTV created buttons which were distributed the schools in Pembroke, Kingston and to members at PACTV. 


2018 Free Speech Week

PACTV Celebrates Free Speech Week !