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How do I borrow PACTV’s equipment or use your facilities?

PACTV makes video production equipment, edit suites and studios available to PACTV members who are interested in making a television show or video.  The television show or video will be placed on the PACTV Community Channel (Comcast 13 and Verizon 43 in Duxbury, Kingston, Pembroke and Plymouth, Massachusetts).  This is a first amendment forum and is available to residents in PACTV’s four towns. Residents join PACTV, take video production classes and then may use the equipment or facilities for free for the length of their membership.  For more about membership, click here. For more about PACTV’s classes, click here.

Do you offer classes in video production?

Yes!  PACTV offers a variety of classes in video production from field production (Camcorder, Audio, and Lighting) to editing (using PC’s and Adobe Premiere Pro) to Studio production (three studios to choose from). PACTV’s classes are open to PACTV members.  Once students have taken the classes, they may use PACTV’s equipment or facilities to create a television show or video for the Community Channel.  To find out more about membership, click here. For more about PACTV’s classes, click here.

Can I put a show on the Community Channel if I am not a member?

Yes! PACTV’s Community Channel (also sometimes referred to as the “Public Access Channel”) is a first-amendment forum for residents in our service area – Duxbury, Kingston, Pembroke and Plymouth, Massachusetts.  If you have a show and want to put it on PACTV, fill out a Channel Time Request form. Our Programming Coordinator, Melissa Matinzi, will get back to you about when your show can play on the Community Channel.  If you live outside our service area, you will need a resident of one of our four towns to “sponsor” your show.  The Community Channel is all about Community!  To find out more about getting your show on PACTV, contact Melissa at

How can I watch a meeting?

Visit this link and choose the town in which the meeting was located.  It will provide the schedule for that channel.  You can find out what day and time it will be on the channel and if it is available on demand, you will see “Watch Now” next to it.  You can also search for the meeting you are interested in. If you have any questions about our meeting coverage, please call us at 508-830-6999.